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FAQs for Renters

Most frequent questions and answers

Yes, certainly bring your own lock if you desire. But if you don’t have a lock, we also sell locks at each facility. You have the lock, you have the keys, you keep the keys.

At Storage Split, we offer several premium self-storage security and safety features.  Most of our facilities are equipped with alarm systems, electronic gate access with personalized access code, 24-hour video surveillance, and sprinkler systems.

​How much self storage space you need really depends on what it is you’re going to be storing. There is no set answer. We would advise to first call one of our 5 facilities. We have trained staff that can advise you what size storage locker you may need. Our condo units are unique in the market – they are four feet wide, three feet deep, and four feet high. They are very, very popular with a lot of people. Think about the largest pieces of furniture that you have and then go from there. So, if you have a queen-size bed or a full dining room set with hutch, you’re going to need a large space because those items, although they can stack, aren’t able to store conveniently. Where as if you are just putting boxes in, you can get away with a smaller space because it is much more efficient use of your cubic space. We can ensure that you are not getting something too small or too large.​​

Yes. There are many hazardous items which pose various risks when placed in storage, and could increase the risk of damage to your goods and the goods of others, directly or indirectly. The stipulations around items you can store are clearly outlined in the lease you sign, but common examples include food, which attracts pests, other perishable goods, flammable materials such as propane, or materials with risk of explosion, such as firearms and ammunition, or paint canisters. In addition, tenants are also prohibited from storing hazardous materials anywhere on our premises. Should you have any questions about the safety of storing particular items, we recommend contacting the rental office or property manager directly for further information to address your specific concerns.

If you lose the key to your storage unit, you will need to have the lock removed during the property’s office hours. For security reasons, property staff do not retain a spare key to any unit. You can have a locksmith remove the lock; obtain bolt cutters and remove the lock yourself; or complete a “Lock Cut Request Authorization Form” and have one of our staff schedule a time to remove the lock for you. In either case, you must notify the Property Manager of the situation, so that you can make the appropriate arrangements at the facility. Depending on the lock removal option you chose, please be aware that additional costs may be involved.

We do not require a fixed-term contract which gives you maximum flexibility. In practice, this means that you have the freedom to rent a storage unit for as little or as long as you wish. You will need to sign a rental agreement at the time you move in, which continues on a month-to-month basis until you decide to move out.

Storage Split does not offer insurance, but has partnered with ‘Lussier Dale Parizeau’ to offer tenants the ability to purchase insurance at the time of rental, and include the cost of this insurance in the monthly rental payment.  By failing to protect your goods with an insurance program, you assume all risk of loss in the rare event that something should happen.

Yes, anyone you’d like to authorize to access your storage unit can be specified on your lease, whether it’s a family member, friend or an employee. Just ensure that such individuals have your unit’s current access code, and a key to the lock.  Public Storage will not provide access codes or open locks for anyone.

You are not charged when you send a request to book. Once sent, the Host is notified, and will decide if they want to accept it or not. They can also reach out to you with the Storage Share messaging system. When the request is accepted by the Host, you will be able to communicate details with one another (address, phone number…). You then can go ahead and visit the space or start your rental.

Not at all. You can reserve a storage unit online, in person, or by telephone, with just your first and last name, and a contact phone number.  While having a credit card will make payments easier for you, we do not require a credit card to reserve or to make a payment.

​If you cannot reach a property manager at any of our locations you can speak to one of the storage experts at our national call center. The call center is available after rental office hours to help you, and can be reached toll-free at (877) 777-8672 during the following times: Mon – Sat: 8:00am – 10:00pm (EST)​

There is no minimum length to stay. But you might have to pay a certain amount of money.